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Learn more about the House Of Anvers.

The House of Anvers is located directly on the main highway between Devonport and Launceston and is situated to capture most of the "food lovers on the move" travelling to and from Tasmania's two main ferries and Devonport airport. Signage near the road is very clear and ample parking and toilet facilities are available.

The House of Anvers is open daily from 9 am to 5 pm, 7 days a week.

You can taste and buy from our fine Anvers Confectionery range in our retail shop. For more information about our products see our "Online Shop" pages.

A Bit Of History About Anvers Confectionery

Anvers confectionery was established as a cottage industry in November 1989, by Igor Van Gerwen, who came to Australia from Belgium.

During his six years as a student at the Institute of Foodstuffs in Antwerp, Belgium, and by working for some of the finest patisseries in the Flemish and Walloon regions, Igor learnt, amongst other culinary skills, the art of handling chocolate. He was trained by Roger Geerts, world renowned confectioner and author of "Belgian Pralines".

To guarantee the quality of his products, Igor not only has to painstakingly train his staff in the art of manipulating chocolate, but also to continuously source the finest ingredients.

Not only does he use fresh Tasmanian cream, pure butter, exquisite liquors and natural flavours, but also the world's finest chocolate.

We have dark chocolate with a cacao content of 64% and 68% and milk chocolate 38% and 47%. This is conched down to 10 micron, which is 3 times finer in structure than most chocolates found in the market place.

Igor has found the Tasmanian cream and butter to be the richest in flavour of any in the world, ideally suited for truffles and fudge. He believe the reason for this is that the pastures in Tasmania's pure environment stay green almost all year round, eliminating the need to feed the dairy cows on grains.

9025 Bass Highway, Latrobe, Tasmania | Cafe: 03 6426 2958

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