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Anvers Signature Milk Couverture Buttons 1kg (Bulk)



This is chocolate, the real deal, Couverture Chocolate 38% cocoa solids. 

Couverture should contain no vegetable or animal fats.

Where does chocolate come from?

The cacao plant is cultivated in tropical areas such as Central and South America, Africa, south-east Asia and the Pacific Islands.  The tree grows normally to 12 to 15 metres high, but is kept down to 4 to 8 metres for ease of harvesting.  The fruit of the tree is commonly known as the cacao Pod and contains 30 to 40 seeds.

We hope you enjoy our Anvers Signature Chocolate buttons.  Ideal for a snack, or creating some flavoursome chocolate desserts & treats.

Have fun, because chocolate is about having fun!  

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