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Single Origin Chocolate Blocks

 Single Origin Chocolate Blocks

What Is Single-Origin Chocolate?

Single origin means that the chocolate is made using cacao beans from one specific place or “origin.”

This is often linked to a specific variety of cacao, native to the region.

Tasting single-origin chocolate is an engaging, sensory-driven experience.

Made with cocoa beans sourced from a specific country, plantation, or small family-owned farm, single-origin bars are full of distinctive flavours.

Due to factors such as terroir (soil, climate, rainfall and altitude) and manufacturing methods, the differences between these bars can vary greatly.

We have selected the following to start your journey into single origin chocolate as a newbie, or an experienced sampler, enjoy.

Fortunato No.4 Dark 68%

Vietnam Dark 73%

Uganda Dark 80%

Ecuador Dark 71%

Vietnam 73% Dark Chocolate (click to order online)

Is a dark chocolate with a 73% cocoa content.  

It is produced from Trinitario cocoa beans grown in the Mekong delta of Vietnam – the ‘Little Venice’ of Asia.

Tasting Profile

This chocolate has an unexpected taste:

Deep wood and tobacco notes, finished with a light citric acidity.

High anti-oxidant

73% Cacao

Gluten Free

Uganda 80% Dark Chocolate (click to order online)

Forastero beans from Uganda are renowned for their classic cocoa flavour and low acidity. 

Uganda is known for its generally tropical climate and fertile soils blessed by

regular rainfall.

 Ugandan cocoa beans are highly sought after, and exports have trebled in recent years as consumers have discovered this exciting taste of Africa.

Tasting Profile 

The high cocoa content of this rich, dark chocolate provides a supreme cocoa taste. 

Hints of earthiness, mushrooms and a subtle smoky flavour.

High anti-oxidant

80% Cacao

Gluten Free

Ecuador 71% Dark Chocolate (click to order online

The exceptional fine flavour and rich aroma of Ecuador’s “Cacao Nacional” is the main characteristic of this dark chocolate. 

Ecuador enjoys a tropical climate along its Pacific coastline, while the Andes highlands are temperate, and the eastern region has the jungle climate of the Amazon rainforest. The Nacional bean is native to Ecuador and is highly prized for its special earthy and floral flavour.

Tasting Profile 

The high cocoa content delivers a surprisingly gentle flavour distinguished by soft and subtle aromas.

Through the delicate cocoa taste comes a floral hint, and a nuance of earthiness provides the finishing touch.

High anti-oxidant

71% Cacao

Gluten Free


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