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Anvers Confectionary was started by owner, chocolatier, and managing director Igor Van Gerwen. Originally from Antwerp, Belgium, he started honing his craft at a very young age in a local bakery which started his passion for chocolate making. The business started in 1986 where he converted his home garage into a small kitchen. Years later, Igor now has a fully functioning factory-kitchen, further expanding into a café, chocolate antique museum, a chocolate tasting center, and a function and events place.

Igor said, the success of Anvers chocolates is because of traditional chocolate making skills and the use of high-quality ingredients. Our chocolates is made by using traditional European recipes used by skilled artisan chocolatiers using hand-crafted chocolate making techniques. He further explains that the cocoa variety is carefully selected and when paired with the unique creaminess of fresh Tasmanian dairy, it creates that distinct premium-luxury Belgian taste that we all love. 

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Today, Anvers is now supplying large quantities of chocolates to businesses across Australia. We are also catering to 160,000 tourist visitors per year in Tasmania, that can’t get enough of that traditional, hand-crafted, premium-luxury Belgian style chocolates.

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