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Cacao prices: Is your chocolate getting more expensive?


Cacao prices: Is your chocolate getting more expensive?

Unfortunately, the short answer is “yes”….however…, there is no need to be alarmed; You will still be able to enjoy your favourite Anvers treat without it impacting the bank.

World Commodity prices for cacao have already increased by 200% in the last 12 Months and are impacting the retail price of chocolate and products made with chocolate.

Cacao pricing graph
Cacao pricing graph showing the world price of cacao.



Several key factors contribute to the volatility of cocoa prices, including weather conditions, geopolitical instability in cocoa-producing regions, currency fluctuations, growing demand for chocolate worldwide, and reduced supply. Climate change has also emerged as a significant threat, impacting cocoa cultivation and production in the World’s two largest cacao-growing countries; Ivory Coast and Ghana. These supply around 70% of the world’s cocoa.

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Is our favourite Anvers product going to see an increase at the same rate?

No, it won’t, and here is why:

Although cacao is a major ingredient of Anvers’ products, it is not the only input cost. Our chocolaterie uses other ingredients such as fine Tasmanian dairy products, fruits and nuts, liquors, and other natural flavours.

Anvers’ chocolate varieties contain cacao from around the World, not just from West Africa.

Anvers have personal connections with farmer’s co-ops and industry partners and have supply agreements in place for longer periods. This helps absorb some of the cacao price volatilities the chocolate World is currently experiencing.

So, what is the good news?;

For far too long, cacao farmers have been receiving well below what they deserve for their hard work. Although many investors and traders will benefit the most from these commodity price increases, the farmgate price has increased substantially as well. I personally hope that, once production gets back to normal, the farmgate price will stay at a higher level and the farmers will reap the rewards. Anvers pays above-market bulk cacao prices for their heirloom and single-origin cacao and chocolate.

In conclusion:

There will be a small increase in the price of Anvers products due to the World’s cacao market volatilities but we will not be compromising our ingredients in quality or quantity. Anvers will remain the special treat you are accustomed to without the luxury product hangover.



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