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‘Chocolatier’ available from Booktopia

Chocolatier Igor Van Gerwen

We are excited!  ‘Chocolatier’ goes live on the Booktopia website.

Igor gives a brief insight into what his book contains;

“Although the 224-page beautiful hardcover book has got 47 scrumptious sweet and savoury recipes for the home cook, it is a lot more than a chocolate recipe book. I take the reader to meet the farmers that grow cacao in the remote jungles of Peru, Mexico, Ghana and Australia right through to the chefs who create superb dishes with single-origin chocolate. The journey from the cacao farm, the people, the culture, and the history of cacao growing and the chocolate-making processes are very fascinating and extremely popular but are not often covered in non-trade or non-academic books. This, combined with recipes and tricks to create fabulous culinary creations at home, made this book the “Best Chocolate Book in the World” at the 2023 Gourmand World Cookbook Awards at Riyadh. The food photography was done by no other than Philip Kuruvita, Tasmania’s only Grand Master of Photography.”

We would love to hear your feedback on what you think.  Everyone loves a great review, we would really appreciate it if you can take some time to visit Booktopia and give an honest review of “Chocolatier’.

Enjoy the read.



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