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Fortunato Dark and Milk chocolate blcoks with a cacao pod of Fortunato No.4 and caca beans

Fresh New Look For Fortunato No.4 Gift Box

A chocolate box that not only holds chocolates but also encapsulates a unique story, an heirloom legacy. A commitment to creating chocolate excellence that stands the test of time. Indulge in the extraordinary – Fortunato No.4, where the rare becomes a delectable reality.

Fortunato No.4 chocolate is genetically certified to be “Original Cacao”.

The pure Nacional Cacao was thought to be extinct in 1916. Later on Criollo and Foresterra varieties were and are being sold as Nacional; they are not!!! The Cacao beans were discovered 10 years ago by Brian Horsley and Dan Pearson in the Maranon Valley in Peru. They have been genetically certified as the original cacao by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The beans are grown at 3250ft and produce purple and, unique to this variety, white beans.

Brian Horsley has set up a farm and still works with the farmers to produce these unique cacao beans. The beans are shipped off to Switzerland and made into couverture chocolate using traditional roller conching methods.

Fortunato No.4 is the most sought-after chocolate in the world. Anvers Confectionery is proud to have the exclusive rights to be able to introduce it into the Australian market.

“In my 30 years as a Chocolatier I have never experienced a more rewarding chocolate than the Fortunato No. 4 Peruvian Nacional. The complexity and balance of the flavour profiles satisfy my tastebuds. The social responsibilities and sustainable farm practices engaged in the making of this chocolate, satisfy my conscious.”
Igor Van Gerwen

Tasting Profile

Good clean snap and gloss (high cacao butter)
Fruit aromas and flavours hit first followed by very, very long lingering dark roasted nut accents. Balanced acidity.
Low bitterness for 68% cacao (due to white beans) and a background of savoury (Umami)
This is a very powerful complex chocolate like no other (think Venezuela Criollo x10)


Chocolate from unique bean certified “REAL” Nacional
100% Organic: no lecithin, no Vanillin, no pesticides, no fumigants. No need for vanilla as the chocolate has abundance of aroma and flavour
No slave labour – producer works with the farmers in the fields
Chocolate produced on old method conching roller
Melted chocolate is very liquid chocolate – easy to work with (high cacao butter- no cacao powder)

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