Unique and Distinctive chocolates excite the taste buds. | Anvers Tasmania
Igor Van Gerwen Anvers Chocolate Tasmania

Unique and Distinctive chocolates excite the taste buds.

Distinctive chocolates made approachable by Anvers Tasmania.

With “a visa and nothing to lose” a 20-year-old Igor Van Gerwen fell in love with Tasmania.

The laid-back perfectionist’s love affair with fine chocolate began in his native Belgium. Working in the exquisite aromatic surrounds of a patisserie on weekends when he was just 12 years old. Six years spent studying patisserie, ice-creams, sugar work and chocolate work – “all the good things in life” – further fueled his desire.

“But in Belgium it’s pretty hard because you’re up against fourth and fifth-generation chocolatiers.”

Then a few years later, Igor found the perfect home for himself and his high-end chocolate dream: Tasmania.

He began making a few traditional Belgian-recipe chocolates of an evening, supplying one shop, then two, then more.

Today, Anvers Tasmania supplies its high-end chocolate products Australia wide. To a big following of online shoppers, specialty grocers and airlines. He ensures each of his 52 staff is highly trained – whether their role is a cleaner or a chocolatier.

The traditionally made chocolates have a distinct Tasmanian advantage. “We only use Tasmanian milk and cream for its purity.” They also have another benefit: Anvers Tasmania holds the Australian rights to a unique Peruvian cacao, which Igor uses in crafting the world’s rarest chocolate – Fortunato No.4.

For Igor, business is simple: “My vision for our products is to provide the distinctive chocolate products and chocolate experiences that are normally reserved for the elite in society. To as many customers as possible, by making them approachable and affordable.

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